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First of all, a warm welcome to all of you for visiting here to know about Technovisit.


Technovisit was born on 2016. Technovisit is a Web Magazine which deals with latest technology updates and news, Gadgets, Best Apps, Tips and tricks on Internet, Hacking, Computer and much more on computer Peripherals.

To say simply, here You can know more about Technology.

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About Me:-

Technovisit founder

I am Naveen, the Founder of Technovisit and a pro-Blogger. I was born on 13 August 1996 in India.

About My Studies:-

I am an average student from my high school studies.I discontinued my studies after high school. After one year, I realised about my studies and then I have joined in a Computer institute so that I can have some basic knowledge about computer.

There, the computer course trainer gave me an opportunity as a lab assistant in his computer institute. While working in that institute I also learned other courses like Photoshop, Speed typing, Internet concepts.Right now I am studying degree 2nd year.

How I became a Blogger:-

I am from a Lower class family where Money is the major problem. That is the only reason for which I discontinued my studies and decided to start Working.

In that process, I started working in a Computer institute and in my leisure time, began researching about HOW TO EARN MONEY ONLINE.

(Because someone told me that there are so many ways to earn money on the internet). But I don’t know what is the right way to earn money from the internet.

After some time I  found some data entry works online like Form filling, Captcha Work and more but none of them gives me a rupee.

One day I was searching YouTube as usual. Suddenly I got through a video which shocked me after playing it. Because it was the video which has shown that a youngster earning 2-5 lakhs per month online via blogging.

Then I thought that when he was making lakhs per month why can’t I make  10,000 /-at least.

Then slowly I started to know about Blogging. After some days I have started a blog from blogger and began posting some stuff on my own and some copied and publishing that stuff.

Slowly, I had some visitors for my blog but, I don’t know how to earn money from blogging and about SEO.

SEO plays a major role in the blogging field.

After some days I also learnt the remaining topics and came back and started a new blog with .com extension in 2016 and am publishing the stuff which I learnt. This is the journey of mine in blogging.

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