After effects render Problem solution

After effects render Problem solution 100% working and fixed

So recently i saw lot of people having rendering problem in after effects cc latest version ,very high render time and high sized output file.

After effects render Problem : slow rendering and large output size

Well i also came up with same problem and let me tell you one thing in clear that after effects cc update removed h.265 and h.264 codec in after effects ,no longer it is supported.

previously with those two codec we can render very small files as well as very fast rendering and we will get output in .mp4 extension.

so to over come this problem adobe came up with media encoder

you can simply download media encoder and simply go to after effects and do your project after finishing simply export it to media encoder. and render it with h.264 codec .fast render and small output file

Using media encoder the clarity will be same as you get in avi and other formats.

This is the only way to get h.264 and h.265 codec output for after effects cc without actually installing it in after effects.

H.264 and H.265 codec are previously available in after effects cc 2014,that is the last version to have those codecs.

They removed it because of un stability as well as it is little buggy.As we know adobe always want their files clean.

Also i rendered 5 min HD video within 15 min and output file is just 150 MB.

If the rendering is slow in media encoder that means your PC / laptop not have enough resources.Media encoder may use low resources but after effects use lot.

A PC/Laptop with good specifications will be much faster and very smooth operation can be done.

8-16 GB+ ram and 2GB+ graphics card will be better ,i currently use 8 GB ram,2 GB graphics card and i installed 7-8 adobe Softwares and i can run 3-4 Softwares easily with no problem but some times little not responding messages but leaving for few min will solve it.
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