Best Mobile apps for blind and visually impaired people.

What’s up guys today we are going to Discuss some best mobile apps for blind and visually impaired people. In these innovative days, nothing is impossible.every one can do anything with the help of their smartphones and computers.Here I am going to share some useful apps for them.

Best mobile apps for blind and visually impaired people
By installing these apps they can lead their lives without the support of any other yes it’s true they can do many by installing these mobile apps on their smartphones. at the end of this, you can also understand that those people lead their life like all other.OK Now, let’s jump into the apps.

List of Best mobile apps for blind people.

 Eye-D -for visually impaired –

Eye-D helps as a personal assistant for Visually impaired people, With the help of this app they can know nearby locations, they can what they want by capturing an image of that, And Also they can do much more with it.

Download- Eye-D 

Blind Communicator –
Blind Communicator is an open source launcher for visually impaired people. It intimates what’s going on their mobile.Like (screen off/on, screen rotation, incoming call, etc.)
The app allows the user:
– Listen to music
– Use a voice recorder
– Send and receive SMS
– Receive and make calls
– Create and delete alarms
– Create and delete contacts
– Browse the web with Google engine as a starting point.
Download – Blind Communicator
@Voice Aloud Reader-
The app name itself says that it is a voice aloud Reader, Yes while using this app they can hear all the information appears text documents, WhatsApp messages, web documents, all formats documents this app speaks it loudly. It can automatically recognize the language of the text, And more options Available on this app.
Download – @Voice Aloud Reader
Voice-Text Messenger-
This app Helps as a Converter for visually impaired people, It converts Text Message to Voice Message and voice Message to text Message, This converter is most helpful for them because they can send messages without using a keyboard and also they can share the received messages to another messaging app.
  Blind-Droid Wallet –
Blind Droid Wallet is Specially Designed for blind and Visually impaired people, it Has a wonderful feature to recognize the paper money with a simple snap of that Currency Note the value of that note will be pronounced automatically. And also It works in offline( Without internet Acess).
Download – Blind-Droid Wallet
Google TalkBack –
Google Talkback It gives feedback reply to You Questions through Audible, Spoken and Vibration.It comes Pre-installed on almost all android mobiles. If not Then Download IF from Playstore. Link Given Below.
Download – Google TalkBack
Conclusion – While using these apps Visually impaired people can do more with their smartphone.If you think that these apps are useful then please do share each share helps to a friend.
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