Best Party Planner Apps for Android

Having the parties is the best part of your life. There is no one who would like to miss a party. There can be many types of parties like one can be a nature party, it can be in a club, it can be arranged in an apartment.

There is no particular place for a party it can be organized anywhere you wish too.

Party planner apps list

But a little we have to think about is how to organize a party and how can we plan for it matters all here. All that matters is how we plan because if we don’t plan it good you cannot organize it well.

If you are worried how to organize a party or how to plan it then no worries I would suggest you some best party planner apps which will surely benefit you in a great way to organize a party.

Here we go with them.

Best Party Planner Apps

1) Event Planner (Party Planning) –

This event planner is an app for android devices, which can help you to organize a party in the best way. You can organize a wedding party, a birthday party, a bachelorette, a spinster party anything that might be I can tell you few important things which you need to organize a party

  • The guest list, this is one of the priority matter to make a list of the guests whom you want to invite for the party and getting ready with the invitations so that you don’t miss calling anyone.
  • Todo list in which you have to make a list of things which you have to do so you don’t forget even a small thing.
  • Shopping list the things which you need to get it from outside.
  • Finally the budget list for how many things how much you will need to spend.


2) My Party Planner –

This party planner can be your personal assistant in organizing the best parties. This app will help you with the few touches of all these calculations and things you need to do. This app contains 5 sections in it that are

  • “To Do” all you have to first know is the place you organize, the day so that you can set up a notification here so you don’t forget it.
  • “Guest” the list of guest whom you want to invite so that you don’t forget to call anyone.
  • “Menu” all the dishes which you want in the party you can feed it here and even the recipes if you wanted to add so later you won’t be having any issues later.
  • “Shopping” you have to prepare with the list of things which you need to shop so you will get it all at once.
  • “Budget” finally with the budget which is the main thing you want to organize calculate all things and the money you have to spend so that you don’t have any budget shortage in the end.

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3) My Parties _Event Planner (Party Planning) –

This can be another personal assistance for your planning events. This app is free of cost. This app will allow you to send invitations, and make the list of the guests whom you want to call, the menus, the to-do list and everything to organize an event or a party.

Few functions and the features of this app are

  • You can choose a color for the party.
  • You can even change the whole style of the app here.
  • You can create your menu list here
  • Feed in the guest’s list and you can even invite them from this app itself.

This app comes with the best interface which is really attractive and a cool one.

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