How to boost laptop for more gaming power?

PC gaming is considered as one of the best gaming modes along with Consoles, but the games designed for PC requires latest specs.

Unlike desktops, Laptops are not easy to change the configuration easily.

There are very few parts like RAM and Hard Drive which can be upgraded to latest models. Laptops get outdated easily when we get a budget laptop with good configuration it gets obsolete in less than two years.

boost laptop for gaming

Even the high-end laptops with almost double the price get out-of-date in three to four years. At this point of time, we require a new laptop only for gaming as all the other software’s are running smooth.

So, if we are able to tweak the laptop for more gaming power, it would save a lot of money and give us time to get a new one when needed.

Steps to boost laptop for more power:-


Game Boosters:

These are special software’s developed by many gaming companies like Razer and also one by Windows. Using these game boosters will increase the performance of the laptop anywhere from 20 percent to 40 percent.

These software’s is just a background process killer, they stop any software’s running that is not so important and not related to gaming.

In the process, they will clear more RAM, CPU, Disk space which can be used by the games we are playing.

In the process, they will clear more RAM, CPU, Disk space which can be used by the games we are playing. IObit Game Booster, Razer Game Booster are two most used game booster software.


Upgrading Laptop:

We can upgrade some parts of the laptop, for starters, we can change the RAM. If the laptop you are running has an extra slot or using less than 8 GB of RAM, then you may need to Upgrade it.

Most of the laptops support 8 GB per slot, and most laptops come with a dual slot where the second one is empty or shared.

So all we need to do is remove the RAM and upgrade to as high as possible in your budget.

You can also change from DDR3 to DDR4 RAMs which are a bit costly and provides more performance. Using an SSD will help you to quickly load the game as these hard disks are faster than HDD.

Also, remember too much upgrading of a laptop will get you a new laptop instead of an old upgraded one. So don’t go beyond your budget and use the money where it really matters and provide worth.


Adjusting Settings:

Most of the time games when installed comes with high settings as default which would actually increase the load on the hardware and game becomes sluggish.

So next time when you play a game go to the setting of the game and adjust the setting to match the performance in your laptop.

Adjusting the settings of the Intel or NVidia or AMD graphics and resolution will also increase the performance of laptop by releasing the pressure on the graphics. This will be diverted to the gameplay.


Install the Drivers:

If you are not so into the technical aspects of the laptop you use or using Windows 7 or 8, then you need to install the latest drivers. Installing the drivers will help the Operating System to connect the hardware with the software of the system. Without drives, the hardware is just sitting dumbly on the laptop.

Without drives, the hardware is just sitting dumbly on the laptop.

If your laptop is using a NVidia or AMD graphic card, then you need to regularly check the latest Drivers and install them. This will ensure that the laptop is utilizing the graphic card to its fullest.

Even 2011 games like Skyrim requires a good amount of graphics to play smoothly and enjoy the gameplay. These are some of the tweaks we can suggest you apply for your laptop to get the most of the juice for gaming.

If you are having more suggestion or doubts leave it in the comment section, we will get to you ASAP.


Conclusion : –

Finally, at the end of this session, these are the recommended steps to boost laptop for gaming and to experience faster.

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