How To Change Android Device Model?


“Change Android Device Model”, What are the uses of changing android device model.well in this article you know about it?There is so many uses, interesting right.ok, let’s start.first, you need to know about. what are the benefits of changing android device model?

How to change your android device

Benefits of changing android device model

Some devices don’t support certain apps from play store, root .they will not be available for them…but actually, you can run them on your device…but you can’t see them in play store because of your device is not supported.If this is the case changing device model helps you. to generate Jio bar code in NON– 4g devices by changing model to a 4g device.


How to change android device name?

To change your android device name.first of all you need root your device.if you don’t about root.Don’t worry, just follow the steps given below to root your device.

Steps to root your device:

  • >Goto google and type king root free download.
  • >Download and install the app and open it, internet access must be turned on..
  • >Click on the root, sit back and relax and wait until process finishes.
  • >If the root is successful you will see Rooted successfully.
  • >Download Root checker from play store to check root access.
  • >If root fail try again.or try kingoroot app.
  • For Samsung use Odin tool in PC to root.


Now let’s see how can we change device model. 

  • *Download Es file explorer from play store.
  • *Open and tick on root explorer in left menu 
  • Now go to / device (local) >system>Open first build.prop file with Es text editor.
  • *Just replace your device model any model you like.Reboot and enjoy…
  • You can also download Root explorer from play store instead of Es.
  • you just need to go to >System>build.prop.
  • Also, a direct apk named Build prop available for you to modify easily.
  • So you’re now successfully changed your Device model.


Uses of rooting a device:-

  1. Hack games
  2. Hack apps
  3. Change Device IMEI
  4. Change Os
  5. Change boot animation
  6. Hack WiFi
  7. Run Linux.

Lot more…….


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