Does Charging Overnight Damage Smartphone Battery!

In this 21st century, the world comes into hand. We get closer and can communicate everywhere just with our mini computers which we named Smartphone. We can’t think of a single day without our smartphone. But everything will be gone useless if we don’t charge our phone.

Charging overnight damages smartphone battery

Without enough charge a smartphone is just a paper weight. Many of us using it all day and plugged into when we go to bed. So we get our smartphone in the morning with full of charges.  Does charging overnight damage smartphone battery is just a burning question. Some are agree with this speech and some are disagree.

A few days ago some of my friends arguing with that they believe charging overnight is the main reason of damage smartphone battery. Even they pretend charging overnight might be the reason of caught fire in a smartphone. After their lots of conversations, I did some research and talked with some tech experts. It makes some sense about charging overnight may not be damage smartphone battery.

When the question “Does charging Overnight Damage Smartphone Battery” come into our mind we feel perplexed. We have to keep in mind some facts that we are living in a smart world now and our smartphones are enough smart. So when we plugged in our smartphone for charging at night it takes to charge as much as its battery needs. After full filling the battery it automatically disabled taking charge.

Our smartphone came with Lithium- ion battery which is far better than previous silicon battery. Lithium- ion battery has exact life span. So if your battery life span is 500 then after charging 500 times your battery could be damaged or decreased its power.
There is another point that Lithium-ion battery life could be lessened because of overheating. So it is better to keep your phone cool.

I would suggest you do not use fast charger regularly to charge your smartphone battery. It does damage your smartphone battery. Fast charger produces much current that your battery getting hot rapidly. It is better to use original charger and cable what is provided with your smartphone company.

Finally, it is not a big deal charging your smartphone overnight if you are like me. I meant to say if you like to change your smartphone every year or within every 2 years.

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Here are some tips to extend your battery lifetime-

  • Never use your smartphone when it shows less than 10% charge
  • Don’t use your smartphone while charging
  • Don’t remove your battery until you switch off your smartphone
  • Never use 3rd party battery in your smartphone
  • Do not use replica or 3rd party charger to recharge your smartphone battery

Though we are using the most sophisticated technology in our latest smartphone battery but we should have to be conscious of using it properly.
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