CICRET BRACELET-Makes Your Skin as Your Smart Phone.

Is your smartphone Screen is too large to handle it always? Don’t worry here is a gadget for you.With the help of it, you can simply access your smartphone on your skin by wearing a wristband.

Are you thinking that how a smartphone can operatable by a wristband?  yes, it is really wondering but now it’s possible at the end of this article you too know that is it possible are not.

And, also one more after wearing that band your skin is your new touchscreen.

CICERT BRACELET-MAkes Your Skin as Your Smart Phone


A Technology named “CICRET BRACELET” developed for smartphone users to handle their smartphone always on their hands by wearing a simple wristband with the help of this band user can simply operate smartphone on their skin by wearing a bracelet.

This wearable Gadget projects the image of smartphone’s UI on your wrist transfers the same response of your touch screen, it turns that experience into “touch skin”.

CICERT BRACELET-MAkes Your Skin as Your Smart Phone



The Cicret Bracelet works through Bluetooth and wifi such that user can connect their Android or iPhone to the bracelet.  By Shaking their hand or by doing any sudden action with their hand’s user can activate this Cicret Bracelet then it will Project the phone’s screen on users skin in 5.0 inches  Now the user can operate their phone through bracelet only.

The bracelet consists of vibrator such that it automatically vibrates when the phone receives any call or notifications.


The Bracelet can be used by simply wearing it on you’re wrist, it should be seen as a fitness wristband.

This band contains a mini-projector, Bluetooth & wifi. the user can connect their phone through wifi or Bluetooth.

Then by giving sudden action it will activate and projects the screen on their skin after that user will work as usual as their smartphone on wrist skin.


  • Accelerometer
  • Memory card
  • Processor
  • Vibrator
  • micro USB Port
  • Battery
  • Proximity Sensor Long range
  • PCO-Projector
  • Bluetooth With Low Energy
  • Wifi Component
  • LED Light
  • Snap Button

Also, You can view the components in the picture given below.

CICERT BRACELET-MAkes Your Skin as Your Smart Phone55



This is all you need to know about this gadget.

If you have any doubt regarding the Cicret Bracelet, then please let us know about it in the comment section below.


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