How to create fake whatsapp acount

In this article, you’re going to learn how to create  fake WhatsApp account with fake u.s number.Also about How to use multiple WhatsApp accounts and a brief  introduction to GB-Whatsapp.

fake Whatsapp



How to create fake WhatsApp account with U.S number?

  1. Go to play store and Download the app named primo.
  2. Signup a new account with your email.
  3. After singing up a confirmation message will be sent to you.
  4. Click and verify it.
  5. After doing all above ,now login to your account using username and password.
  6. It will ask you to enter your phone number and verify.


fake whatsapp with Us number


7. Go ahead a type your number and verify it.

8. After successful verification, you will see U.S (+1 number) so just copy it.

9. Now install GB Whatsapp (link below),put the number from the primo app

10. It will ask for verification, just click in call me,instead of text message.

11. You will get a call to that u.s number in the primo app

12. Note down the code.

13. Enter in WhatsApp and Verify successfully.

>>Enjoy your fake WhatsApp account with fake u.s number.

Now How to Use multiple WhatsApp Accounts

*Just install GB WhatsApp and yes its a normal WhatsApp with extra features(which I’m going to explain below)

  • As usually you can use like normal WhatsApp.
  • Use can use parallel space app also to use multiple accounts on WhatsApp,Facebook,etc.
  • But I recommend GB WhatsApp.

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Features of GB WhatsApp

  • *Fully customizable ,you can customize themes,colors,icon,text ticks etc to whatever design you like from available modules.
  • *Hide online status.
  • *Hide last seen.
  • *Hide blue ticks.
  • *Hide Typing message in groups.
  • *Lot of themes download within  the app.
  • *Lot of Text styles.
  • ..Explore yourself to find out more.


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