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The evolution of mouse started from a Mechanical mouse, Roller ball mouse, Optical mouse, Laser mouse, Gyroscopic mouse and then.  All these are hand-held devices and you have to use your fingers to move around the device. Recently, by removing the hand-held devices altogether, the Evo Mouse is developed which turns any surface into a touch pad. Let’s know about this device in detail.

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               Evo Mouse, from its name itself it suggests that it stands for Evolution of Computer mouse. Up to now, we have seen many physical mouse types which need the physical movement and pushing using hands. Now there is no need of such pushing and physical stress on your hands. With the help of this device, you can use just your finger as a pointer and it can work on any flat surface.

To say simply, this mouse can convert any flat surface as a touch pad and you can use your finger on that surface to move the cursor over the screen. It tracks your finger movements very quickly and efficiently.

Principle and Components of Evo Mouse:

This device works based on the “Time of Flight” principle to detect the motion of the object.

There are 2 main components:

  1. IR Pulse Emitter (located at bottom of rectangle)
  2. IR TOF CMOS Sever (On the head of a device between two eyes)


This Evo Mouse is a dog-shaped device that looks like a small box with legs. The two infrared sensors which seem to be the eyes of this device tracks the finger movements to provide the appropriate function like click and select, right-click, double-click, drag, and even multi-touch functionality.

Then this device projects an area on a flat surface in which your hands can perform all operations that can be performed using a physical mouse. Now your finger movements are similar to the physical mouse, you usually use allowing you to move the cursor, click and drag etc. It also supports functions like zoom and rotates.

Working of evo mouse

Technology Used:

In this Evo Mouse device, the technology is made up of two components:

  1. 3D Electronic Perception Sensor Chips/3D Electronic Perception Technology (3D EPT)
  2. Image Processing Software

The 3D EPT is a single-chip technology.It is the technology, available at low-cost. One of the applications of this technology is “Virtual Keyboard”, which projects a laser keyboard and can detect the keys whenever the user presses a key on the keyboard.

Image Processing is a form of signal processing in which a photo or frame as the input to process and then provides either an image or a set of parameters related to the image.


  • Can connect to your System via Blue Tooth or USB Port.

Evo mouse usb

  • Able to perform all the mouse operations only with the help of fingers.
  • Can work almost on any surface.
  • Capability to control the cursor like click and select, double-click, drag, right-click and other just with hand gestures.
  • Provides multi-touch functionality like scrolling up and down, rotate, zoom, moving the screen back and forth.
  • Compatible to use on any desktop or laptop computers like Windows 7, vista and even in Windows mobiles.
  • Reduces stress on fingers as there is no need to move the hand over the mouse.
  • Occupies a small space as its size is very small.


  • This gadget is useful for Digital Handwriting.
  • It is also useful for painting and drawing comfortably.
  • It provides multi-touch capabilities.
  • Once charged, you can use this device for 2 hours.

Hence, this gadget “Evo Mouse” helps you to use the mouse pointer very easily and effectively. So, update your regular mouse which needs your fingers to move around it with this latest kind of mouse.


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