Flintobox VS Magic Crate- Comparison, Price and More.

Hello Friends, let’s have some discussion about Flintobox vs Magic Crate which is the good startup for our Children’s. We all wish our children to be well educated, to possess extra talented skills then don’t give up I am very much sure that you will find a solution of your problem so get in-touched with Flintobox and MagicCrate fun learning activities kits and keep them busy with some interesting learning kits so to make them developed.

Flintobox VS Magic Crate a startup discussion for childrens education

So Flintobox and Magic Crate are the interesting kids learning kits which make our children to Play, Learn and Evolve with fun learning activities. Both Flintobox and Magic Crate is Education kit box which contains different activities based on themes like Animals, Colors, Puzzles, Science, Arts, and Game etc. Which encourages the development of our children through Creation, Playing, Reading and Exploring new things? Last but not the least, I would like to convey that, you will be very much happy if you could give a learning activities kits to your children but get a proper view between these two startup kits and choose the right one for your kid.  Here we will do flintobox review and magic crate review, and finally, we will see which one is better for your kids. So let’s go…


Flintobox is a curated box of activities that keep over 12 development needs of the kid in mind. The box contains toys of different themes around topics of   Wildlife, Vegetables, Coloring etc. many others. It is a monthly subscription service for Kid. It makes the Children motivated and enthused. It can be used in the age group of 2-12 years. Flintobox provides the right pattern of learning and learning tools in an easy way. The activities contain the box are finally tested by the Experts so they are not harmful to your children.

Features OF FlintoBox:-

  1. Packed with 4 activities- Create Explore, Play, and Bonus.
  2. Contain very creative, innovative and fresh themes which deliver every month.
  3. Good for early-stage development and keep engaging them with good habits
  4. Age group- 2-12 years

Price of Flinto BoX:-

  • Membership starts at Rs 2,085 for three months
  • 6 Months Subscription- Rs 4170/-
  • 12 Months Subscription- Rs 7140/-

Magic Crate

MagicCrate is also a learning activity kit box for Children containing different theme based activities which are good for Children. MagicCrate comes with 4 interesting activities based on Science, Arts, role play, and Games. There are different types of boxes for different age groups starting from 1- 12 years. It enhanced the kid’s thinking capacity and practical knowledge in an interesting and engaging way and also facilitates the kid’s skill development. Unlike the other tools, MagicCrate is designed and developed for the overall growth of the kid including their mental and physical. MagicCrate introduces the colorful world to the kid with their variety of objects and makes them more curious to learn more.

Features OF Magic Crate:-

  1. It offers different home based practical learning activity tools and other engaging substances.
  2. Their themes are well designed and developed.
  3. Age group- 1-12 years

Price Of Magic Crate:-

  • 3months- Rs1899/-
  • 6months- Rs 3599/-
  • 12months- Rs 6699/-

 Flintobox VS Magic Crate Which one is Better-?

Flintobox,   keeps toddlers engage and busy, it teaches new words, colors, shapes, and number. It develops cognition and provides high-quality materials,   books, and activity props. The tools or activities contains inside the box are all tested by child’s psychologist and experts which proved harmless to the children and it can be easily affordable whereas MagicCrate also keep the kids engage, busy with their colorful activities material but MagicCrate focus only on topic of Science, Arts ,Games etc. Where other learning kits, fail to develop overall skill than the specific one. Their themes are well designed and developed which are easily attractable but lacks some innovative themes which are good for toddlers. Their subscription price is extremely high which are not affordable easily comparing to Flintobox… So my choice goes with Flintobox, What about you???



So in the above, I have shown you some summarizes the description of the kid learning kit of Flintobox vs Magic Crate. Get a proper overview and idea and choose which one is better for your Kid. Both have different plan and different payment options. Browse their websites and checkout best of the best and pick out your best plan according to your kid age and according to your Budget. Make yourself a proper comparison between Flintobox vs Magic Crate, view their features and get your best startup item for your kid.

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