Funny Google Tricks-Everyone Must Try!

Google Tricks – google gravity zero underwater space mirror sphere space google pond

We can do so many funny and amazing things in google. In this article,we are listing some funny google tricks. Everyone must experience those tricks and share those tricks with your Friends.

Google not only used to search ,get information,entertainment ,there are some hidden and funny tricks you can do with google.

Funny google tricks

Here are list of funny google tricks .

Do a barrel roll:-

Just type google barrel role in google search engine and click on I ‘m feeling lucky.Then see the miracle what google had done.your google page just does a rotate once.

Play breakouts on google:-

Simply search for play breakouts on google and hit On I’m feeling lucky.that’s it  screen turns as a gaming screen.Enjoy with playing breakouts on google screen.

Google Sphere:-

search google sphere in google and click as usually I’m feeling lucky.Content  in your screen starts rotating like a sphere.

Google in Space:-

Experience the thrill  if google in space,Content in google screen acts like Zero gravity.It looks like amazing.


Elgoog is simply reverse of google.All in your google screen turns reverse and it looks like a variety language.

Google snake:-

Play google snake game in your google screen .Just type google snake in google search bar then click I’m feeling lucky.Finished enjoy by playing snake game on your screen.

Google guitar:-

You can play guitar in google .Also able to  record and share that audio file with your friends.Want to play guitar in google.Then search google guitar in google.

Google gravity:-

See what happens if google search has gravity attraction .Content on your google screen falls automatically down.To watch it search Google gravity in google.

Epic google:-

Watch your google search screen extends bit by bit.TO watch it type epic google and click I’m feeling lucky.

Google pond:-

What happens when google search in a pond just watch it by typing google pond in google and click As usually .

Google Pacman:-

Play Pacman in google search .simply search for google Pacman in google to play it.

Google in 1980:-

You can watch how google looks and works in 1980’s. Search google in 1980 to experience the thrill.

Google rainbow:-

When you search google rainbow in google.Your google screen changes the colours of content as  Rainbow colours. That’s the effect of this trick.


These are the funny google tricks.These makes you feel amazing and can feel entertained with them.Don’t forget to share these tricks with your  friends.


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