How to Hide Second Tick in WhatsApp?

When we send any messages to someone on WhatsApp, it shows three indicators through Ticks. If your message is successfully sent, a Single tick will appear on that message, if the receiver’s internet in On then one more second tick will appear and at last then receiver reads our message, both the Ticks will turn into Blue color. Same happens with you too, right? Yeah, you are not a special one.But what if you want to hide second Tick in WhatsApp, so that no one can know you are Online.

how to hide second tick in whatsapp

There is no feature available in WhatsApp to hide second tick when you are connected to the Internet. Many times, when our exams are ahead and our parents told us to Study and we are using WhatsApp at late night. What if our parents message us just for checking whether you are using the Internet or studying. :-p It will become the worst situation for you whenever second tick appears in your Dad’s phone. Well, it is not an official reason there are lots of reasons due to which people wants to hide second tick in WhatsApp. But, is it possible? The answer is YES. It is possible and can be done on any Android phone with just a few simple steps.

In this article, I will describe you step by step guide that how you can hide second tick in WhatsApp on any Android phone. No problem is official WhatsApp is no providing an option to do such type of things in it. But there are lots of awesome WhatsApp MODs are developed which have lots of amazing features. One of the most popular WhatsApp MOD is GBWhatsApp (GBWA Download) and it has features to hide Second Tick, Blue Tick, and Online Status too. Heard interesting? Off course, every its user fell in love after checking its features for the first time.
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Requirements to Hide Second Tick in WhatsApp:

Do you wondering to know what are the requirements to hide second tick on WhatsApp? If yes, then let you know there is nothing special requirement for this trick. You can easily manage all the required things within two minutes. Here is the list of all items we are going to use in this tutorial:

  • Android Phone
  • GBWhatsApp App
  • Internet Connection

You just need these 3 things to make this trick run on your device. According to me, there is nothing special requirement in this list. Am I Right? Yes! All you need is GBWhatsApp Apk file in your phone, nothing else. Without this MOD App, it isn’t possible to hide second tick in WhatsApp. Whenever you are ready with all these required things, you can proceed to the main part of this tutorial.

How to Hide Second Tick in WhatsApp?

After following these some steps, you will become eligible to hide second tick in WhatsApp for your desired contact. Then the message sender will not see any second tick even after you have read the message already. Means the message sender is unable to locate that your are Online and using WhatsApp on that moment. For using this trick on yur device, first of all check Requirements section shared above, if you haven’t checked it and then follow the steps given below.

1) At first, you have to remove official WhatsApp App from your device, it isn’t possible to run two WhatsApp MOD Apps with same mobile number. If you wish to make new WhatsApp account with different number then no need to uninstall old one, you can use both on your phone with different numbers.

2) Now, download GBWhatsApp Apk latest version on your phone – Download

3) Install and Open GBWhatsApp App on your Android, you will get it in download folder.

4) Enter your Phone Number, verify it via OTP and proceed to next.

5) Whenever your new WhatsApp becomes ready to use, click on Top Right corner and click on “Privacy” button.

6) After clicking on Privacy another list will appear on screen, just click on “Second Tick” button.

7) Now, it will ask to Hide Second tick for Contacts or Group, click on any of your choices.

GBWhatsApp will restarts automatically and Boom! Now, none of your contacts are able to see second tick even if you read their message. Isn’t it cool? Yeah, it is very amazing trick ever. You can hide second tick for Contacts and Group both, for this you need to do the same and this time click on Hide for Groups button. That’s it.

Final Words

This was the best trick to hide second tick in WhatsApp. You can follow this tutorial on any Android phone running on the 4.0+ Android version. One of the best thing about this tutorial is that there is no need to root your phone. Now, no one can see the second tick on their messages received by you even if you read that message. If you have any doubt of query, comment it below. I will reply you shortly.

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