Light phone 2: the world’s first Dumbphone which costs about $ it worth it?

In this innovative era so many things change according to the user needs. Some people using them according to their necessity. Also, some are addicted to them for example smartphone, approximately 75% of the world now utilizing smartphones but especially students they are totally addicted to it because of social media, gaming, and much more that is the reason why they are spoiling their features.

But today to avoid those addictions a startup company invented and selling a dumb phone which has no features as an actual smartphone.

Light phone 2 A dumb phone

It just works for only to receive or make calls, set alarms, and for just texting purpose.such that it avoids the addiction for those social media and also gaming and more.

I think This is the world’s first dumbphone which costs about $400(26,000 INR).Nokia, Samsung, and other mobile companies also providing phones like this but it costs around 50-75 $.But this light phone 2 costs too much amount compared with other phones.

Features of light phone 2 (Dumb phone):-

The light phone 2 has no apps, no camera, and no more features as like an actual smartphone. also, the phone itself enabled 4G LTE .the light phone 2 has black and white matte screen with e-ink .and has a clean interface and minimalist with small fonts.the phone looks just like a simple credit card.


This idea is actually a mind blowing taught while using these people becomes addiction free of the smartphone.So that people becomes non-addictors of the smartphone.Such that they can happily lead their lives with their belongings.

This dumbphone also gives u a radiation-free life.the company itself billed this phone as a “phone for humans” and says that it’s a phone that “actually respects you”.

Finally, these are the words I like to say about this light phone 2 (Dumb phone).

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