Lynq Location Tracker: A New Device works without Internet.

Hello buddies, here we are back with another Gadget Lynq Location Tracker to track your friends, belongings and more. At last, we mentioned a GPS Tracking System TrackR Bravo to track your friends, belongings and loving ones on that device we need to connect with our smartphone to track them.

But today we are going to know about a gadget which doesn’t need to connect to any device to track, No need of any internet Connection, No need to pay any monthly subscription to access.

Ok, Let’s jump in to know what is it and how does it work?

What is Lynq Location Tracker?

Lynq location tracker finds people as no another device does. This tracking device gives directions and distance that works up to 3 miles without phones, maps are any internet connection.

Lynq was created by a group of tech & outdoor enthusiasts in Brooklyn NY.

it is a waterproof, weatherproof, military tested durability lasts up to 3days in a single charge.

Lynq location tracker tracks up to 12 people connected to the device.

Also, we can set up a Home base are a safe zone to meet up the whole team after the outing is finished.

Lynq uses algorithms that blend GPS, long range, low power radio communication, with a custom antenna for connection anywhere under an open sky.

Here is the video To Setup Lynq.


How does Lynq Location Tracker work?

We just need pair the Lynq devices each other by long pressing the single button. That’s it now you can simply track your belongings.

lynq location tracker

How Much Lynq Costs?

MSRP retails at 2 units for $249. Early bird pricing is $154 for 2 devices, a 40% discount off of retail.

Available Colors –

Lynq location tracker available in white, black and Mystery color.

Specifications and Features of Lynq:-



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