PUP SMART SCANNER : Truly a Revolutionary Gadget!

Usually, we know that the scanner is a big device and we need to connect it to our computers or laptops via wire.if we want to scan a file we need put that file and need some other processor to scan a file actually it is a time wasting process right.

But here we are discussing a scanner which can reduce the time to scan a file and also it is tiny in size and we can handle it in our pockets.interesting right?

Ok, let’s see what is it.

PUP smart scanner is the Worlds First pocket scanner which can easily accessible by a single button and it is 100% automatic.pup scanner is tiny in size. By this Pup Smart scanner, the world again reduces the device’s size.

With this PUP Smart scanner, you can scan each document by the laser as a border for the scan. That means you can scan Important documents, identity cards, expenses.

It can also scan everyday day of our life gems old family photos, Your kids drawing and your comic collections. It provides us the comfort usage to scan any document, capture images, and stores them which can able to get them whenever the user requires.

It is a scanner that enables you to share, store, print any document and it convert them into any format like MS Word, Excel etc., and allow you to scan all sizes of a document documents wherever you are.


With the PUP smart scanner, You can directly extract your documents to your device ( computer, Tablet, Smartphone even if no external WiFi is available! you just have to establish a direct connection, in WiFi between two devices, without any intermediatory. It’s like Bluetooth but better.

PUP scan generates a 3 D Model of the scanned document and fixes page curvature and deformation to get the perfect results. It also provides OCR Feature which will extract text fragments from your image and allow them to import into word.

How to use Pup smart scanner?

Select the file which one you want to scan. And then place the scanner above the file and select the margins with the laser and it appears on the file by pressing the button then a flash will appear on the file that’s it your file is now scanned.

Now you can share this scanned file via email or social media, store it on your device and also transfer it to your computer are upload it to your favorite cloud storage.

Also, you can print it directly by using your home WiFi.

Features of pup smart scanner:-

  • Pup smart scanner is powered by an internal battery such that it lasts for 12 hours or 1000 scans.
  • Connects directly to home WiFi.
  • It has an internal which can storable up to
    10,000 documents.
  • Scans any sized document from A 3 -A 8.

Characteristics of PUP SMART SCANNER:-

  • Dimensions: 13.5 x 3.2 cm
  • weight:200 gms
  • Anti- Reflection
  • Offline Memory :10,000 pages
  • Autonomy: 12 hours
  • Connectivity :WiFi
  • OCR Feature

With this PUP smart we can easily share documents between our desks and our devices.So, I can say its a truly revolutionary in its ability.

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