Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 7 Plus: Which one is best?

Which is mobile phone better? Is it the favour determination of Samsung or the toughness of iPhone which drives the race of cell phones, a civil argument which will never end includes this point.

It is near difficult to locate a legitimate conclusion to the reality considering both of these brands offer elements which will dependably satisfy the eyes of the ones who utilise them.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 7 Plus which is best
Both smartphones are available in the market now and competing with each other. Still, we’ll lead you to have a superior understanding over which mobile phone is better by furnishing you with a few subtle elements which you can read here and choose which mobile phone suits your necessities the best.

 Contrasting: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 7 Plus.

At whatever point a client steps foot in a cell phone shop, the main thing which draws in the client is the outline of a mobile phone, the covering of mobile phone which gives it the provocative look.

Both of these mobile phones, as indicated by us on par with regards to configuration, so looking at covering.

Samsung System S7 Edge has Corning Gorilla Glass 4 guarding its 5.5inch screen though particle reinforced oleophobic glass covering protects the 5.5inch screen of iPhone 7 Plus.

iPhone 7 Plus supports iOS 10.1 which can be moved up to iOS 10.2, then again, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge underpins Android M, two working frameworks who have their own points of interest and inconveniences.

Discussing execution, we’ll see that Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has an immense RAM figure of 4GB contrasted with 3GB RAM of iPhone 7 Plus.

S7 Edge offers rear camera of 12MP and a front camera of 5MP, comparatively, iPhone 7 Plus offers primary camera of 12MP and a secondary camera of 7MP.

S7 Edge and iPhone 7 Plus, them two have different mobile phone models with distinction in their inner memory space, however, iPhone 7 Plus does not offer auxiliary storage room to its clients.

Last year we have expected Iris eye scanner to come with S7 but somehow they are now able to bring it and hope they might include this feature in upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone.

What we think!

We gave all of you what you have to separate between these two mobile phones abandoning you with a similar question, which mobile phone is quite?

Ok, I let you know, the verbal confrontation is endless, however from our point of view, the ones who cherish having a mobile phone with Samsung tag and a mobile phone with smooth plan, you ought to favour Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge,

yet in the event that you are a person who is more social and plays amusements, clicks photographs wherever he goes and dependably wishes his mobile phone to give him A+ performance, then you ought to pick iPhone 7 Plus over Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Meanwhile, we are in 2017, and now they are working on Apple iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8 smartphone which are going to release really soon this year.

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