ScanMarker -A Perfect Mini handy scanner.

Feeling struggled to write finished notes from your friend book when you miss the class or it is hard to study all that long text on your books.Don’t worry I am back with a wonderful gadget Named ScanMarker.

Scan marker it is a mini handy scanner which is easy to handle and simple to utilise.

Scanmarker a mini handy scanner

It helps you on reading or writing notes, and also scan any documents with your need of scanner or to go any net centre to scan your files or documents.

As I already wrote articles on reviews and uses of some wonderful gadgets. if you missed them I suggest you don’t miss those wonderful gadgets again,

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Ok fine, now jump into this handy scanner.

What is ScanMarker ?

Scan marker is a mini scanner which is easy to handle. It looks like a pen. you can handle it in your pocket as a allows you to make your works instantly.It prepares text thirty times better than a normal typing.scan marker shows the scanned text instantly in any device or smartphones with the help of any application.

Scan marker available in two versions one is scan marker and another one is scan marker air.scan marker only connects with USB cable but scan marker air is a wireless device and also compatible with mobile devices.

Features of scan marker and scan marker air?

  • It allows you to scan any printed text by simply sliding scan marker on it.
  • Scanmarker works with the revolutionary patented Image processing technology.
  • It prepares the printed text (which you want to scan ) as a raw image which is easy to recognise for an OCR software.
  • Scanmarker makes the scanned text easy to edit and share.
  • Scanmarker air connects via Bluetooth.
  • Also, it shows the scanned text directly to field where you want(facebook, google search, word and much more).
  • Translates the scanned text into 30+ languages in friction of a second.
  • Also, have text to speech option to speak loud the scanned text.
  • It also scans the barcodes.

Shipping: –

They provide worldwide shipping facility.Also, it is available in all popular online shopping sites.


One-year full guaranty, also with 30 days money back facility.

Quote for you:-

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.

– Albert Einstein.

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