“Scribble Pen”-Single pen to draw as you desire!

Got annoyed with a number of color pens and sketches?

Don’t worry this single scribble pen helps you to use it as you desire.It is a smart pen, which can able to scan the color of any object and helps to draw or write on a paper/chart/digital screen.

Scribble pen-Technovisit

Variations of scribble Pen:-

There are 2 variations of Scribble pens.

  • Scribble INK and Scribble STYLUS
  • The Scribble INK is used to reproduce colors on paper whereas the Scribble STYLUS can be used for digital screens.
  • Both the variations are same except that the STYLUS doesn’t contain the ink cartridge as it is used on digital screens.

Who can use this?

It can be used by anyone who wants to reproduce any color easily and quickly. Scribble Pen helps children to create doodles with any color they see on any object around them, by replacing all their crayons and marking pens.

scribble pen


How to use?

Usage of Scribble pen is very simple.

  • First, Point the built-in color sensor at an object or surface which contains the color you want and press the button on the sensor.
  • Now you can draw or write with the particular color you have scanned either on the paper or a digital screen.


  • Contains RGB Color sensor.
  • Captures color in a time span of 1-2 seconds.
  • Provided with a MicroProcessor and 5 ink cartridges.
  • 1GB internal memory to store over 100,000 colors.
  • Connect to PC via Micro USB cable (charging & data transfer).
  • Compatible with Photoshop.
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery which gives 15 hours or more battery backup.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Smart)
  • Lightfast and water resistant long lasting Ink.
  • Tips of different sizes like 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.5mm and 3.71mm.
  • Supports both iOS and Android OS.
  • Has universal design so that it can play easily on other apps.
  • Check the ink levels by a single touch.

scribble pen



  • Creation of custom color library is easy by saving as many scanned colors as you like.
  • You can refill just a single color if it runs out of ink.
  • Scribble connects to your phone using Bluetooth. So, no need of any Internet connection.
  • Captures colors even if you don’t use a smartphone.

Scribble pen with pc

  • You Can share colors anywhere with anyone.
  • Easily sync or import colors with this scribble pen to any mobile device/PC.

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You Can Watch the Working of Scribble Pen in this Video

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