SkyBell a WiFi DoorBell – Best Home Security System.

Everyone Want a Best Security System to Protect their Houses from theft and more unexpected attacks. To Prevent those type of strikes we need a powerful security system which helps us to take immediate charge and to protect us immediately from them.

Skybell HD Video Calling Bell System

For that Today we are discussing about a security system which helps us to protect ourself from those unwanted strikes.

Ok, Fine let’s step into the topic.

SkyBell a wonderful Calling Bell allows us to View the person who hit the bell and also we can hear and speak with the person at the door only by simply tapping our smartphone from anywhere. Interesting Right!

How SkyBell Works?

  • SkyBell is a High Dimension Video calling bell contains HD camera
    to see the visitor up to 1080p HD and 5x zoom.
  • A motion sensor to notify you even the visitor doesn’t press the Button.
  • Skybell records all video so that user can view at any time.
  • It has a color night vision camera to view the visitors at night.
  • The user can simply monitor the visitor at any time  through their                               smartphone via mobile app.
  • You can add multiple users on their smartphones to respond when the                     visitors ring the bell.
  • It has Hear & Speak option that means user can communicate with their                   visitor through their smartphone.
  • And also user can put the bell in quiet mode, also able to review visitors data

These are the works actually SkyBell Do for us. Also including those, there are many more features available in it.

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Specifications of SkyBell:-


SkyBell Specifications


Installation Of SkyBell WiFi Video Door Bell:-


Colors and Pricing of SkyBell:-

SkyBell HD Video Calling Bell System available in two colors one is Silver and another one is Bronze.

SkyBell HD Video Calling Bell Bronze Costs – Rs.30,226/- but Amazon Selling it for Only Rs.18,601/- Click Here to buy at Amazon.

SkyBell HD video Calling Bell silver Costs approximately Rs.27,126 /- Click Here to Buy at Amazon.


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