How to turn smartphone as a desktop computer

Turn your Smartphone looks like a Desktop Computer 

Nearly all smartphone users are feeling bored to use their mobile while operating because it appears routinely.That’s why we listing a latest application  which changes your smartphone looks like a desktop computer.

Turn smartphone as a desktop computer

This android application gives all features which are equal to the Desktop Computer.It appears as  mac OS .Your smartphone applications are also changed their appearance looks like a desktop software.Your files and data are also open like folders look like a desktop.

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Your files and data are also open like folders look like a desktop.

To experience your Mobile as a desktop operating system.There is no need to change any settings on your smartphone. Rooting or any hacks or not needed.

Just experience it by installing a simple user-friendly application named ” Leena Desktop UI “. Leena Desktop application is a multi-window launcher .it available for free of cost.

Leena Desktop Launcher Comes with these following apps:-

->A Native file manager app.

->A Native web Browser app.

->A Native launcher app.

->A Native Video play app.

->A Native Image viewer app.

->Several Web apps.


Finally at the end of this session , with the help of Leena desktop launcher, Android users can experience a new look for their mobile by changing their android ecosystem and allows to use android as a full-blown desktop operating system.


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