World’s first Laser Spatial Ruler for iphone users.

The World’s First Laser Spatial Ruler only for iPhone users.

Here we are discussing an innovation which is a user-friendly Gadget.It makes users stress free to work. This is a world’s first spatial ruler only for iPhone users.This gadget makes your iPhone into a measuring instrument.

ipin laser spatial ruler

Now no need to carry any measuring devices. No need to struggle for measuring the distance which is unavailable to you.The world’s first spatial ruler for iPhone have the ability to measure the distance in Meters,centimetres,inches.With the help of ipin ruler app.we can save and share the measurements easily with your friends and family also in social media.

Anybody can Re-alter the measurements with the assistance of ipin ruler app.The client can also measure the separation between any two focuses in shared picture.

The user can easily measure the distance between any two points easily with the help of laser shows the measurement accurately.This device makes use by keeping it into the headphone jack. the user can also lift and make the works with your smartphone without affecting their functions.

Additionally, user first shoots the image and measure it later when they are free.


Finally with the help of ipin laser spatial ruler.User can measure the distance in a single click. It has wonderful options to utilize.User can save the measurements in editable and fixed formats.with the help of this gadget user can easily measure the distance which is unavailable to them.



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