Time 2 Translate Smartwatch : World’s first AI Translation wearable smart watch!

Here am back with another gadget called Time 2 translate Smartwatch to translate your language in 9 different languages. This device is especially invented for travellers not only for travellers everyone can utilize this. In past, also I published an article about ili wearable language translator this gadget is also related to that ili translator.

time 2 traslate smartwatch helps to speak 9 different languages

Today I am mentioning about a watch named time 2 translate smart watch will let you speak in 9 different languages which you don’t know. It was developed by an Australian based company named Lingmo.

How does Time 2 Translate Smartwatch works?

Time 2 translate smartwatch comes with microphone and speakers.The user needs to speak on their wrist near to the smartwatch and then hear the response up to 2 meters from the watch.

The company itself has a software with IBM Watson a natural language processing software which gives the translation up to 85% accurately.

Also, this smartwatch supports group chat up to 1000 participants.

How to use this Time 2 Translate smartwatch :

This smartwatch translates the original voice message from the sender to their wished language.The recipient can hear the language when the message is opened. Thus it helps the users while they travel to other places and also if they want to communicate with others in unknown languages.

Specifications of Translatable smartwatch:-

DisplayAMOLED Touch Screen
Size1.39 Inch.
Internal Storage4 GB
Battery Capacity350 mAh

Actually, this smartwatch comes with two models, one is lifestyle model which comes with black frame and black silicon strap it costs about $699. another model costs $899 comes with a stainless steel frame and leather strap.


  • It can have a 2-way voice to voice conversation thus it enables chatting.
  • T2T Executives detects nuisances, slangs and even put words in context.
  • It uses Hold-Talk feature So that you can directly speak into the wearable and can easily translate into another language that others would hear and respond in their language.
  • Time 2 translate can be used anywhere in the world with any Nano SIM card.
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