Top list of latest Android Apps 2017.

Hello Friends, feeling bored because of using outdated apps? Then update your Phone with Latest android apps 2017.

Oops, not knowing which app to select from these apps. Right??

Don’t worry. We are here to help you about some of the latest and best Android apps.

We have listed some of the latest Android apps along with their icons that are visible on the PlayStore to help you in easy identification. Hope this list is helpful for you.

Latest android apps 2017

Latest Android Apps 2017

So, here is the list of Android apps that may help you.


Castro android app


Castro gives total system information about your tablet and mobiles like CPU status, Battery monitoring, Memory utilization also gives the information of your data usage.

Also, it provides an option to save the particular data report in either Text or PDF formats and also you can save and share this Data report among your friends.

Download Castro Here.


CTRL-F android app


Choose your word with this CTRL-F application. You can trace any word which you want to on an image file or on a scanned document. You can simply scan a printed document using your mobile with this CTRL-F application and then search the word which you want.

Download CTRL-F Here.

Wallpaper modder:-

wallpaper modder android app


You can able to modify your current wallpaper on your mobile by using this wallpaper modder. This app provides many filters for editing your wallpaper, and also you can use this modified wallpaper. Simply load an image from your gallery to make it as your phone’s beautiful wallpaper.

Download Wallpaper modder Here

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Parallel windows for Nougat:-

Parallel windows for nougat android app


This app helps you to get a single screen with multiple windows. With the help of it, you can chat with multiple friends at a time and can use multiple apps on a single screen at the same time.

Download Parallel windows for Nougat Here


Doze android app


Doze increases your battery life by preventing unnecessary apps to stop their working in the background when your mobile is locked. It also reduces your mobile data usage by controlling the running apps.There is no need of turning off your mobile data or Wi-Fi explicitly.

Doze will take permission for access control. It automatically stops data usage or Wi-Fi when your mobile is turned off. You can also give access to applications which you want to run normally without being affected to Doze charge.

Download Doze Here.

Stream Tube:-

Stream tube youtube player

The Stream is a Youtube music player. It allows you to make a playlist of your favourite youtube audio and videos. You can experience a new style of watching videos like floating bubble. You can change the video location. It provides flexibility to do your work in parallel without closing youtube videos.

Download StreamTube Here.

Universal copy:-

Universal copy android app

With the help of this Universal copy, You can perform copy operation more effectively. Just activate Universal copy mode and then simply click on the text which you want to copy. It automatically highlights the text in blue colour. That’s it. Now copy the highlighted text and paste it wherever you want.

Download Universal copy Here.

Wall fix:-

wallflix android app


Have ever tried videos as your wallpaper.Interesting right with help of wallflix you can experience that in your mobile.Wallflix has so many HD videos to utilise as your wallpaper.Also, you can use your videos as your wallpapers.

Download Wallflix Here.

All in one calculator:-

all in one calculator android app


One Application many uses.All in one Calculator contains 50 Types of calculators and converters, Currency converter with almost 150 currencies.

It is a very useful app to every student, business person, contractor, teacher and everyone.

Download All in one Calculator Here.

Smart wake:-

smart wake android app


With the help of Smart wake, you can easily wake up your mobile by without pressing any buttons.It has the latest option to wake up your mobile with your face, just simply look your mobile to wake up it.

including this face wake technology it also has  Raise to wake option, tilt control option, Air control option, and many more features to wake up your mobile.

Download Smart Wake Here.

Night mode:-

night mode android app


It helps you to prevent your eyes from heavy brightness and contrast at night times and in dark controls your screen to help you while studying, gaming and browsing with your mobile.It has six filter colours to control the effect of light.

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Download Night Mode Here.


Tictures android app


Text + pictures=tictures, these simple and wonderful tictures helps you share or shock your friends with it.Tictures has so many Emojis, arts, emotions and pictures.

You can also directly share them with social media or just copy and paste it where you want by pressing long click on it.

Download Tictures Here.


Flyperlink android app


Flyperlink is a revolutionary browser for multi-tasking in Opens web links in the form of floating bubbles. simply swipe gestures to switch the tabs. also have ad-block, bookmarking and history options on it.You can open your links without leaving running apps.

Download Flyperlink Here.


4note Android app


4Note is a sticky note widget for android helps you to remember your works in day to day life.You need to do is just simply install this application in your mobile then you place the 4note widget on your home screen.

Now write your schedule on can easily customise it which look you want. It has so many font styles and many colours to make your notification looks beautiful.

Download 4Note Here.

Secret Video Recorder:-

Background video recorder


It is Background video recorder to record videos while doing your normal works on your mobile, are you can schedule to record it at a specific time.

supports night mode and gives better can also record videos when your screen is off.unlimited time duration.

Download Secret Video Recorder Here


Instadict android app

Instadict is an offline dictionary to Learn meanings of unknown words without closing that current application.

It has a wonderful option to give the answer to your question.It Simply shakes your Mobile and gets the answer.

Yes, really just copy the word which you want to know meaning then shake your mobile horizontally it gives the answer to it.

Download Instadict Here.

ADV screen recorder:-

Adv screen recorder app


The best screen recording for android devices.It has so many options to customise recorded video.We can use our both cameras in our android mobile while recording a video.And no root required to utilise it.

Download ADV Screen Recorder Here.

Quick control panel:-

Quick control panel android app


So many mobiles have don’t have all toggles to control quickly.But don’t worry we have a quick control panel application to utilise those features.

It has so many features like customizable toggles, music playback control, app shortcuts to control your mobile can also open it when your screen is locked.

Download Quick control panel Here.



At the end of this article above, we listed some latest android apps 2017 .There are so many different uses with those.If we forgot to list out any latest android apps.please Notify us.

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