“TrackR Bravo” -Track your lost belongings easily!

TrackR Bravo naming different to pronounce Right! But it can do amazing things.It is the latest tech gadget to track any lost things (pets,Tech gadgets,vehicles,friends….And much more…) No need to invest more money to install GPS system in your vehicles.This tiny gadget helps you to track lost things.Now don’t worry about your expensive things. Well, go on to learn more about this amazing tiny gadget.

Trackr bravo gadget


TrackR Bravo allows you to track your Belongings in your Smartphone


A California-based startup company made this amazing Tech gadget.They made this tiny gadget to track your lost stuff.monitor that Tracking system at your hands with your smartphone.It is the simplest way to find your misplace or lost stuff.

How TrackR works?

  • Trakr works in a simple manner,Easy to utilize it.
  • Just install the TrackR free app in your mobile.
  • App  Available in both Android and ios.(it is free of cost).
  • Just connect your TrackR Bravo to your mobile.
  • That’s it,Now you are able to track your stuff.
  • just connect the TrackR device to your belongings.
  • And track them by simply sit back with relaxing.
  • Now,no need to install expensive GPS tracking system to your vehicles.
  • IT looks like a simple coin.
  • you can place it at any hidden places in your vehicles.

Trackr Bravo



How much it costs?

Don’t it might be more expensive?wrong ,It costs only $29.It is a small amount for those features.It is also available in india.Buy it by clicking here.

What else you can do with it?

Trackr helps you in so many ways.if you want spy your friend,brother,relatives and more .Use TrackR place this gadget on their wallet or Gave present this gadget as a gift like key chain  which you want to spy.You can use it as your pet collar attachment.Trackr comes with double-sided adhesive.so,you can attach it easily were you want.Track everything by attaching it.You can also track your connected mobile with TrackR.It has button given inbuilt on it,press that button to ring your connected mobile.If your mobile is in silent mode.

Trackr Bravo



Specifications and Details :-

  • Diameter-31mm
  • Thickness-3.5mm
  • Battery life-Up to 1 year.
  • Battery type-User Replaceble CR1620 Battery that lasts upto 1year depending on usage.Free replacement batteries available for life time,just you need to pay postal charges.
  • Device ringer volume-Up to 92dB
  • Connectivity-Bluetooth 4.0

Device compatability:-

  • Devices with ios 8& up.
  • Android 4.4&later with bluetooth low energy.
  • works in worldwide.


Step By Step process of TrackR bravo:-

  1. Download Free TrackR app in your mobile available in both (ios & android).
  2. Connect your mobile with Trackr gadget.
  3. Place the gadget which you want to track.
  4. Always handle your mobile to track your stuff.


Watch this video for more guide:-

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