Twitter Tweet Bookmarking Update now rolling out.

Twitter Has Reduced their one of the most drawback of saving a tweet. The Tweet can be saved in the form of bookmark such that a user cannot lose it and also search easily.

Twitter Tweet Bookmarking now rolling out

The original poster is alerted that you’ve likable their tweet, your favorite itself is visible to anyone on Twitter WHO interacts thereupon tweet, and your list of Favorites is accessible to everybody from your Twitter profile.

Twitter users have worked around the drawback of not having some way to in-camera save tweets by doing things like DM’ing tweets to themselves, saving them in the pad, emailing them, gap them in a very new tab, and alternative tricks.

Starting these days, they’ll now not have to be compelled to resort to the present hacks, as a result of bookmarked tweets area unit solely saved in camera.

How to use Twitter Tweet bookmarking update:-

1:- Let Login To your Twitter account.

2:-  Then Select a Tweet Which is more attractable to you.

3:-  Then at the bottom of the tweet you can visible that Download option.

4:- Tap on Download Option.

5:-Then it Shows you

Send a Direct Message

Add Tweet As Bookmark

Share Tweet Via………….


6:-  Select Add Tweet as Bookmark.

7:-Hence it will be saved as the tweet

8:-You can find the saved tweet’s in Bookmarks

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