Uses of OTG cable an ultimate guide

A mini USB OTG cable has so many hidden features that we don’t know ,It helps smartphone users to access all USB devices.Here we listing all the uses of OTG cable.

OTG cable is also named as USB ON-THE-GO.Full form of “OTG” is ON-THE-GO.It allows all USB devices to work with android mobiles.

Uses of OTG cable:-

1)Connect mice/keyboard

It is appreciative to use mouse/keyboard in our android mobiles.we can associate keyboard/mouse and utilise our android mobile as a computer,with them we can type long emails and messages.we can do any function as normally as a PC.

How to connect mouse to otg cable

2) Charge your friends mobile

A great trick we can share our mobile battery power with the use of OTG cable .Really you can charge your friend mobile with OTG. here are the simple steps to charge your friends mobile.


1)USB cable

2)OTG cable

3)Friends mobile


Simply interface OTG Cable to your Mobile and take a USB Cable then essentially associate it with your friend Mobile that’s it.It consequently begins charging.

3)Connect USB fan and light

USB fan and light these two are wonderful gadgets,these are easy to handle and supports us with their features. It provides some cool air, It also to protect our mobiles from heat problem. USB light helps to find something at the dark time,it supports as a torch .


4)Connect card reader

Now no need of PC to transfer media files to a memory card.we can simply connect a card reader to our android mobile directly by using OTG cable and easily transfer our files to any removable drives.



5) Connect game controller

It is really useful for kids to play games easily as a PlayStation. we can feel the thrill of it in our android mobile.Now no need to purchase any gaming devices.we can use our android mobile as a gaming device by pairing OTG with a game controller.

Uses of otg


7)Connect LAN cable

Usually, we are utilising the internet with cellular data or Wifi.But with the help of OTG.We can use the internet directly with a LAN cable.Below we listed the process to utilise the internet directly by LAN cable with using an OTG cable.


1)Otg cable

2)USB to LAN Adapter.

3)LAN cable with Internet connection


Take USB OTG cable and connect it to your mobile then take USB to LAN adapter connect it to OTG .Take LAN cable and connect it to the LAN cable that’s it.


8)Connect hard drive or pen drive

Expand our storage limit by connecting external drives like hard -drive and pen drive to extend our storage and save our data on it directly via OTG cable.

Uses of otg

9)Control DSLR

Control a DSLR with our android by linking OTG to DSLR.Here we need to install an app named DSLR dashboard.




10) Connect USB sound card

Also, we can connect a USB sound card to our android mobile.with the help of it.we record and listen the audio when our audio jack not works.

Uses of otg cable

11)USB cd drive

We can access cd drive in our android mobile with the help of OTG.



With the help of OTG cable,we  control a webcam with our android mobile.By the assistance of an application  Named “Camer”.


13)Connect printer or scanner directly

We can print are scan any files with the help of OTG ,just by installing an app named printer supports all printers to print files directly from our mobile with OTG cable.

Uses of otg cable


Finally, USB OTG helps us in so many ways. We listed theses uses of OTG cable. IF we forgot to list any benefits please notify us in the way of  comments .We will list it immediately.

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