Wanle’s Gameboy case for iPhone. Remembers 90’s gaming memories.

wanle gameboy case for iphone

Here is another gadget for gaming fans named Gameboy Case.it turns your iPhone into a past olden days gaming Nintendo.

Yes, its an actual throwback to past 90’s where we all played games with a console which has pretty interesting games like Tetris, snake, tank and more with a small screen and low capacitive batteries which drains quickly .we can’t forget those moments which sucks us while playing games interactively. it is no more available right now I think.

But don’t be panic, wanle invented a Gameboy case for us but a small thing which makes to worry us is it is only available for iPhone models not for all smartphones.

Fine, let’s see what it actually has.

This Gameboy Case comes with a monochrome screen and basic gamepad layout consists of D-pad with two action buttons. Also, it has 10 inbuilt 2D games which sound pretty well right.

Gameboy case by wanle makes our iPhone as an older gaming Nintendo.Also, it actually protects our phone from accidental issues like sudden fall down, scratches such that it protects from all of those bumps and it takes the safety of your phone.

To protect our phones company made it up with the hard plastic and also it weighs very lightweight to handle.such that it fits perfectly and looks classy.

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As with the case, it provides full access to your iPhone buttons, camera, and for all jacks.

They have cases compatible with iPhone 6, 6s, 6 plus, 7, 7plus, 8, 8 plus and for iPhone x.


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