What Are Super Computers And 5 Cool Uses Of Them

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Supercomputers​ are very expensive due to their high-end computing and can easily perform trillions, or even thousands of trillions, of calculations per second.These computers hold a power to change. divert, control a satellite, nuclear power station or a big nuclear defence mechanism. lots of governments and private organizations manage their security and big body of data with the help of these computers.Supercomputers are often used to drive the world largest machine called LHC(Large Hadron Collider) etc.​ ​Here come some of the most intriguing questions being tackled by supercomputers today.

Building Brains

So, how the supercomputers can really build a brain out there? Well, a human mind consists of about 120 billion nerve cells which help to think and react to the different situation. For, human to cope up with a really big computation it can take about120 billion people with 120 billion calculators 50 years to do what the Sequoia supercomputer do in a day.

In many of the Advance tech countries like Switzerland, are able to model the nervous system due to the help of Advance computing. In 2006, researchers at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne a university in Switzerland successfully simulated about 10,000-neuron chunk of a rat brain called a neocortical Unit.

Forecasting Hurricanes

Forecasting hurricanes can be the best use of a Super Computers nowadays. Many Countries takes the help of these computers to calculate the various info of the originating hurricanes like Size and diameter of the area that can be affected due to it which can be further used to the government to make up a backup plan.

A supercomputer in the USA performs more than 579 trillion calculations per second with the help of its enormous processing powers and makes a daily data report for Atmospheric Agency aeroplanes and National Oceanographic tracking the paths for the storm and analysis.​ ​According to a TACC report, Ranger improved the five-day hurricane forecast by 15%.

Recreating Big Bang

Big Bang can be said as the biggest space theory ever. When scientists and the entire world got to know this all were total amazed too. Big bang still continues up to be the biggest question to all the humanity i.e What is the origin of the entire universe?

Well, this question can make a supercomputer get confused too. As this is something that nobody knows what happened more than 13 billion years ago in trillion-degree Celsius temperatures, supercomputers hold, a power to recreate this amazing moment that was held very very long ago. Supercomputers are often successful to do this by there high-end computing processors and graphics system which help them to render and create a situation just at or before the Big Bang.

Many scientists at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View, Calif., successfully simulated the creation of stars from enormous virtual cosmic dust and gases. Also, Researchers at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) at the University of Texas in Austin have also used supercomputers to simulate the formation of the galaxy.

Understanding earthquakes

As a said Supercomputer are the bodybuilder of the computing world.As they are powerful and amazing designers and can take up 1 to 2 seconds to simulate big body of data and information.Furthur that can be used as a simulation to understand or check the earthquake and its working, pros and cons. These computers can build three-dimensional models in various forms for seismologist(one who study earthquakes) which helps them to predict the causes, nature and size of the earthquakes

The resulting techniques developed due to Supercomputers can be used to map the subsurface for oil exploration or carbon sequestration occurring deep in the Earth’s core.

Testing nuclear weapons

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Since 1992, the testing of the Nuclear weapons and much other stuff was banned by the United States.But that doesn’t mean the nuclear arsenal is out of date.

Now testing nuclear weapons are all done with the help of the supercomputers powerful and 100% accurate computer simulations.In 2012, IBM plans to unveil a new supercomputer, Sequoia, at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California. According to IBM, Sequoia will be an at least 20 petaflop machine, meaning it will be performing the required simulations and testings for more than the speed of twenty thousand trillion calculations per second. Sequoia’s prime directive is to create better simulations of nuclear explosions and to do away with real-world nuke testing for good

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